Gotham and Constantine Coming to the Small Screen

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Last weeks big superhero based TV news generally focused on the premiere of Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., which received some positive and negative reviews.

Not to be forgotten DC decided to announce their newest TV series, which came as a bit of a surprise. Gotham will air on Fox, and focus on the early career of James Gordon, as well as the beginnings of some of the city’s well known villains. Bruno Heller (The Mentalist, Rome) will be writing the series, which has already received a series order from Fox. It was previously rumored that Greg Rucka and Ed Brubaker’s phenomenal Gotham Central would be making the transition to the small screen, so we would expect some characters and storylines to possibly make their way into the Gordon-starring prequel series. At least we hope they would.

Gotham Central Gotham and Constantine Coming to the Small Screen

Yes, we say prequel series because it will be set at a time before the Batman was active in Gotham City. Of course, any fan of Gordon knows that Batman and Gordon were operating In Gotham around the same time, and the early years of Gordon were spent in Chicago. While this may irk the comic fan, but the casual movie-goer won’t have much problem with Gordon being a part of the Gotham scene, like he was in Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy. The real issue seems to come from the choice to use some of Gotham’s iconic villains, whose origins are generally motivated by Batman’s own actions.

Of course, it’s still very early and we could spend all day speculating on the pros and cons of a Batman series without Batman. The risk that this could turn into simply another procedural show that features a few nods to the fans of the characters might be outweighed by the potential greatness that comes with almost anything Gordon related (we may be fans of the character…does it show?).

John Constantine on NBC Gotham and Constantine Coming to the Small Screen

Another show has been announced, this time on NBC and brought to us by long-time DC scribe David S. Goyer (Dark Knight Trilogy, Man of Steel) and David Cerone (The Mentalist). This series will feature John Constantine, who was a staple of DC’s Vertigo imprint with the long running Hellblazer title, and recently made his way to the New 52 with a spot on the Justice League Dark team, as well as his own self-titled series from Jeff Lemire and Ray Fawkes. Constantine should make a great television series, and it’s one we are definitely looking forward to it, if done correctly. Of course, the comic fan in me has a thousand suggestions on how to do it properly, but will again refrain from speculating until we hear a bit more news on the series.

What is most interesting about the new series in development is that they won’t be airing on the CW, which has already brought us Arrow and is preparing for a Flash TV Series as well. With the possibility that these shows and characters could end up competing with each other, it seems like an odd move from DC Entertainment. However, with the success of both Arrow and the pilot episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., the TV market for superhero pilots might become less of a graveyard than it has in years with the number of unaired comic book inspired TV pilots we’ve seen.

James Gordon on Foxs Gotham Gotham and Constantine Coming to the Small Screen

What do you think of the next batch of DC properties making their way to the small screen? Planning on hearing more about the series or have they been pre-judged based on the small amount of details we’ve heard? Let us know in the comments section below!

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