Grant Gustin Speeds To Arrow as The Flash

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Barry Allen is coming to Starling City in the form of Glee's Grant Gustin.

As we mentioned in the last Arrow update, filming of the episodes that will spin off into the CW’s newest superhero show will begin at the end of the month. In order to do that, the network needed to find its Flash. It was recently announced that they’ve done so and his name is Grant Gustin.

Grant Gustin in Glee Grant Gustin Speeds To Arrow as The Flash

There’s a very good chance you’ve never heard of Grant Gustin. That is unless you are an avid Glee watcher. I won’t make you admit to being an avid Glee watcher, so how about a quick intro to Grant Gustin’s career.

One has to imagine that Andrew Kriesberg and Greg Berlanti were looking for someone who was relatively unknown. They have found that in the young Gustin. Having only appeared in a grand total of 15 episodes of television as a semi-regular on Glee and 90210, and an episode each of CSI: Miami and the Discovery Channel’s A Haunting, Grant Gustin is far from a household name. Of course taking on the mantle of the Scarlet Speedster will surely bump Mr. Gustin into a new realm of notoriety. More than his role as Sebastian Smythe, the archvillian of William McKinley High’s New Directions, even came close to achieving. One only has to look at Stephen Amell to find a good example of what becoming a DC superhero can do for your career.

We will be introduced to Gustin’s Barry Allen in episode 8 of this upcoming season of Arrow. It has been rumored that he will be a love interest for Emily Rickard’s Felicity Smoak. There has not been any mention of Allen’s wife, Iris West, so we’ll have to see what is in store on that front.

If nothing else, Grant Gustin will prove to be an entertaining actor to follow, if his Instagram and Twitter feeds are anything to go by.

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