Big Bang Revealed in Space-Time By Gravitational Waves

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While it is a well supported theory that all of the current universe, both explored and unexplored, is the result of a massive explosion, astronomers and physicists have spent decades peering into the darkness looking for more evidence of the Big Bang.

Three years ago a team of scientists found what they were looking for, evidence of gravitational waves moving across space-time.The credit for this exciting information goes to Harvard-Smithsonian astrophysicist John M. Kovac and his team who detected the gravitational waves. This new evidence suggests that the 14 billion light years of space that we have explored may only be a drop in the proverbial bucket.

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Big Bang Expansion (NASA)

As with a pebble dropped in water, gravitational waves were thought to ripple outward from the origin of the blast. Astrophysicists have been searching for evidence of such ancient gravitational waves since Einstein hypothesized their existence in 1916.

While the data – gathered by BICEP2 in the South Pole – is three years old, scientists on the project had to systematically rule out any other cause for what they were seeing. It is the attention to such detail and the potential value of the discovery that have fellow scientists talking Nobel.

Among the most excited about this discover is Alan Guth, the Stanford physicist that first purposed the theory of “inflation”, telling the New York Times he was ” bowled over.”

“With nature, you have to be lucky,” he said. “Apparently we have been lucky.”

Once this information is confirmed, not only will humans have a more detailed idea of the beginning of the universe as we know it, but Guth will be proven correct in his theory that the universe, already so vast it boggles the mind, is still growing.

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