Grizzly Trailer – He’s Not Just Territorial, He’s Pissed Off

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Consider yourself...endangered.

I don’t know how, but the production of this movie somehow slipped me by until recently. Perhaps it has to do with the title switcheroo, which began with the somewhat enigmatic Red Machine and then switched to Endangered before finally falling on the current, unambiguous Grizzly. And perhaps it’s because I was caught so unaware of this movie’s existence that the cast seems all that much more impressive to me: For a movie about a friendly bear (I assume, based on the above logo) who is rudely awakened by evil lumberjacks with twisty mustaches and forced to protect his home from a maniacal corporation looking to build several Starbucks franchises, I didn’t expect as much star power as the cast list delivers. Especially given the title, this seems like a movie you’d normally see on the Syfy channel (Like Grizzly Rage or Grizzly Park) featuring ’80s pop stars and TV actors of yesteryear.

Anyhow, let’s take a look at the trailer real quick, then we can get more into the cast:

Ok, so my assumptions about the plot were thankfully wrong and this movie will be filled with gore and carnage, rather social perspective and life-lessons – sounds like a win. Here’s the synopsis, via Horror News:

“The pic centers around two estranged brothers (Marsden, Jane) who reconcile on a camping trip with their girlfriends. Once in the remote wilderness, however, things go horribly awry when they are attacked and relentlessly stalked by a horrifying grizzly bear — the Red Machine.”

So Cyclops and The Punisher play brothers, and they go into the woods with Lorne Malvo and Annie Walker – ok, this is getting a little ‘inside baseball’ huh? Lemme try that again – James Marsden (30 Rock, X-Men) and Thomas Jane play brothers camping in Alaska. Piper Perabo (Star of the much underrated Covert Affairs) and Michaela McManus (L&O:SVU) play the girlfriends/potential bear food. Accompanying them is Bad Santa himself, Billy Bob Thornton. From the looks of the footage here, Thornton is going to end the movie a little worse for wear. Also Scott Glenn (Backdraft) and Adam Beach (Joe Dirt) are in there.

grizzly 600x249 Grizzly Trailer  Hes Not Just Territorial, Hes Pissed Off

The most important name in the cast list however, is probably the one whose performance is most vital to the film’s success: Bart the Bear. Now this isn’t the original Bart (The Great Outdoors), but this one, born in 2000, was raised by the same trainers as the original and recently stole the show in an episode of Game of Thrones. You might remember him from ‘The Bear and the Maiden Fair‘ – he played the bear.

Now as excited as we are about this cast, the creative team behind the movie is more of a mystery. Director David Hackl headed Saw V in 2008 and was a production designer on most of the earlier Saw films as well, but we haven’t really seen anything else from him. And the writers, J.R. Reher and Guy Moshe, don’t have the longest of resumes either. I guess this could be good proving ground all around.

Some readers may be aware that prior to moving over to Geek Exchange, I, along with several of the other writers here, ran a site called GrizzlyBomb. The original site logo there was derived from the poster of the 1976 film Grizzly. So this new movie is especially exciting for us. Below are a few pretty sweet posters, though we’re still waiting on an official one. And I’ve included that 1976 poster that we all love so much, just for good measure.

No release date as of yet for a movie that was originally set to come out in 2013. That’s usually not a great sign, but hopefully soon.

Images: Columbia Pictures, Open Road Pictures

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