Guillermo del Toro Talks Justice League Dark & Expanded DC Universe

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With all the buzz surrounding the recent Batman vs. Superman film, DC has been pushing themselves to the cinematic forefront with Marvel Studios.

Man of Steel, Batman vs. Superman, Arrow, a possible Flash Spin off and now Guillermo del Torro’s Justice League Dark are bringing together the corners of the DC comic-verse and puting them on screen. There’s even been mentions of Wonder Woman, whether it be silver screen or big screen is still being theorized.

If you’re not familiar, Justice League Dark is DC’s occult superhero team that consists of several supernaturally gifted members (such as Constantine, Deadman and Zatanna) handling situations unfit for the traditional Justice League. 

500px Justice League Dark Vol 1 3 Cover 1 Guillermo del Toro Talks Justice League Dark & Expanded DC Universe

The only project that seems to tie in directly with the recently announced Justice League Dark, is the upcoming Constantine series for NBC from Man of Steel writer, David S. Goyer. Though the DC universe is slowly coming together, it doesn’t look like anything is solidified as of yet.

del Torro spoke more on the matter…

Marvel’s stage 2 has been epic in the making so its good to finally see DC developing an equally intriguing universe and bringing together some of our favorite characters in one shared landscape.

Do you think DC’s new efforts will catch up to Marvel’s cinematic success? Are there any DC characters you’d love to see on-screen? Tell us what you think, and sound off in the comment section below.

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