Not A Happy Halloween For Fan Game Developer

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Want to relive the fun and fear of the classic Halloween movie? So did a fan game developer, but they were stopped dead in their tracks.

John Carpenter’s Halloween is undeniably one of the greatest horror movies of all time. Michael Myers with his signature William Shatner mask and big ass butcher knife has become synonymous with not only the horror genre, but the end of October holiday itself.

Pig Farmer Productions makes low budget slasher movie games dedicated to 80s movies, VHS tapes and synth scores

For the briefest moments, there was a chance to play a video game version of this film classic through fan game developer, Pig Farmer Games. The game was offered as freeware for both Mac and PC. Much in the same vein as their previous horror games like Minotaur, the trailer for the Halloween showcased an old school grit that would immediately transport you to the gaming memories of your childhood.

Sadly,earlier this week the videos became unavailable, and as the day progressed, all mentions of the game were removed from the site. Today, this explanation was posted.

pig farmer 600x158 Not A Happy Halloween For Fan Game Developer

So what would have been a good bit of fun and entertainment has fallen victim to copyright issues. Where the line is drawn between homage and rip-off is becoming increasingly unclear as the internet age marches on. Hopefully the multitude of fan art found in the pages of sites like tumblr and Deviant Art won’t find themselves in the cross-hairs as so many other fans using mediums like YouTube have in the past few years.

Let’s pour one out for animated Michael Myers and all the Jamie Lee Curtis screams. RIP Halloween game. It’s like we hardly knew ya.

Thankfully, the Halloween killing doesn’t seem to be slowing the Pig Farmer gang down any as they have a new game, Sanitarium Massacre, due out sometime next year.

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