Hasbro Wants YOU to Design the Next Transformers Toy!

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For the first time ever, Hasbro is giving fans and kids of all ages the opportunity to have a voice in creating the newest character to join the Transformers mythos.

Leading up to the Transformers’ 30th anniversary in 2014, fans will be able to log onto Transformers.com/vote to create the “Fan Built Bot” by voting daily on a variety of aspects of the unique toy. Fans can choose whether its an Autobot or Decepticon as well as picking its mode, color, weapon, personality, and more.

But, starting today, you only have until May 5th to take part in this historic event. The new character will then be made into an action figure that will be part of the “Thrilling 30″ line. The results of the poll will be announced at San Diego Comic-Con International this July as part of the Transformers “Thrilling 30″ anniversary celebration. Kids, fans, and collectors will be able to purchase the final product as a toy and witness its adventures in the official Transformers comic books from IDW.

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Image: Hasbro

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