Haunt Teaser Trailer Doesn’t Reinvent the Wheel

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IFC Midnight plans to give audiences a good scare this spring with their upcoming film Haunt.

New on the scene documentary director Mac Carter and screenwriter Andrew Barrer (The Crisis of Being Dr. Adam Porter) set out to create a genre horror film, and they did just that. As to whether it’s an original horror film? The verdict is still out. Already there has been some internet rumbling about the picture being extremely derivative, but when you’re dealing with a classic meme like the haunted house, one would think some crossover with previous tales would be inevitable.

hauntcreditifcfilms2 Haunt Teaser Trailer Doesnt Reinvent the Wheel

The Haunt¬†teaser trailer in some ways doesn’t leave much to the imagination; a new family moves into a creepy house whereupon Evan (Harrison Gilbertson) meets up with pretty girl next door, Sam (Liana Liberato), who then convinces him that she has a radio-like box that can communicate with the dead. Of course once the dead start talking things really get moving as we slowly find out what happened to the house’s previous owners. Hint: they might still be there as ghosts. Throw in Oscar nominated Jacki Weaver (Animal Kingdom, Silver Linings Playbook) and Ione Skye (Say Anything, Four Rooms) as the doting mom and let the scares begin.

IFC Midnight, the genre arm of IFC films, continues to try to stake out new territory with low budget, high quality independent filmmaking. One of the more interesting ways that they are approaching these films is the way they make them available on demand through their selective service while shortly thereafter, releasing the films in limited theaters. At first blush this may seem counter intuitive, not first milking the theatrical run, but at this point the system seems to be working. 

hauntcreditifcfilms Haunt Teaser Trailer Doesnt Reinvent the Wheel

Haunt will be released on digital and VOD February 7, and then followed up with a limited theatrical release on March 7th 2014.

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