Haunting New ‘Curse’ Trailer For Dark Souls II

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Namco Bandai and From Software reveal new bosses and gameplay in an all-new trailer for the upcoming action-RPG.

We don’t know all that much about the story of Dark Souls II, but that’s just how fans of the series like it. One of the most rewarding elements of the series is uncovering the history tucked away in the environment. But that’s not to say the Souls games aren’t painstakingly detailed – the worlds of Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls are filled with character and lore. Which is why the new trailer for Dark Souls II is exactly what we want to see.

Overlaid with an ominous monologue from a mysterious hooded figure, the Curse trailer doesn’t explain much in terms of the game’s plot. Instead it focuses on the franchise’s biggest stars: Creature design and a myriad of deaths. Through the three minutes of video the player-character suffers several different gruesome ends and comes face to face with about a dozen new twisted monsters. Some of our favorites include a gaping-mouthed rock golem, an enormous monster composed of writhing undead, and of course, a giant red dragon.

Dark Souls II looks to be refining a lot of the features that defined its predecessors. Among the changes, dying repeatedly will affect your character’s appearance and reduce their health. This is part of a conscious effort make being being alive in-game more appealing. From an interview with US Gamer:

“Generally speaking, we people prefer being living, not undead,” [director Yui Taimura] told us in a roundtable interview. “We want to make the goal — to become the living — clear. But we have no intention of simply making game more difficult while being undead.”

From Software are also trying to make the series’s unique multiplayer aspects more robust, moving back to a server-based hosting platform and making it easier to summon or be invaded by other players.

All in all, Dark Souls II is shaping up to be another excruciating and thrilling adventure. The game launches March 11, 2014 in North America on Xbox 360 and PS3 (With no indication of a next-gen release)

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