Hello Games Say No Delays For No Man’s Sky

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The small UK developer says recent floods will not extend the development time of their much-anticipated new game.

Despite massive water damage that swept through their studio in late 2013 and forced the team to relocate, Hello Games remain positive about the future. In a recent blog post Managing Director Sean Murray expanded on the details from last December and shed some light on the developer’s plans moving forward, all while maintaining an admirable sense of humor about the situation:

“…It was just one of those unlucky things, but it wiped out pretty much everything in there. There were exceptional storms which meant a large part of Guildford flooded one way or other. For us, an underground car park next door filled with water, then burst[.] We lost all our PCs, laptops, equipment, furniture, dev-kits, work in the blink of an eye [...] I don’t want to say out loud the value of what we lost, it’s horrible. It would probably fund a small game.”

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A photo of the flooding in Guildford, UK.

“…We’ve been working super hard since. Right now we have set ourselves up at a new temporary (cramped!) location [...] We’ve filled a couple of dumpsters with our old stuff, and built ourselves a make-shift post-apocalyptic set of workstations – but we’re back, full speed! Over the next few months we expect to be in a nice new office, or to rebuild our old one better than ever.”

It’s great to see that the guys at Hello Games are safe and back to work in relative comfort, but the question weighing on everyone’s mind is of course the status of No Man’s Sky, which is shaping up to be one of the most promising indie games coming in the next couple years. Murray made sure to address concerns about possible delays:

“We won’t let that happen! At times recently I’ve wanted to be depressed, to wallow, but it’s impossible surrounded by this team. They are literally unstoppable. If we’ve lost some work, we’ll make up the time. We’ll steal dev-kits. We’ll work on a boat. Whatever it takes (not actual stealing… maybe :)”

The attitude from this group is refreshing and hopefully Murray’s claim is more than wishful optimism. With a group of such a small size - Hello Games has only four employees - it’s hard to believe a game of No Man’s Sky‘s scope could happen at all, much less after losing an entire office to a flood. However spirits remain high and the team seems to be working incredibly hard. We hope to hear more good news soon.

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