Help Get George Romero a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame!

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The Zombie Research Society is leading the charge to get horror movie icon and creator of the modern zombie, George Romero, a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Though Romero has long worked well outside the boundaries of Hollywood and the Hollywood studio system (Night of the Living Dead was filmed in Pittsburgh, PA in 1968), it's only right that this man, who has had so much influence on horror and filmmaking in general, especially as an inspiration to independent filmmakers everywhere, should get a star to commemorate his mark on the industry.

By going to the official Indiegogo page set up by the Zombie Research Society, you can donate your portion of the funds needed to get the star added to the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Hollywood Blvd. As they say in the video below, they don’t want just one person paying for all of it (as some big name directors and celebrity fans probably could: Quentin Tarantino, Simon Pegg, and Robert Kirkman just to name a few). They would prefer that the fans have their opportunity to give back to the Master of all Zombies and be a part of this historic moment. As with all of these crowdfunding initiatives, you can donate money at various levels and get special, exclusive items in return for your donation. We just noticed that Teller, the silent half of Penn & Teller, has already put in the maximum donation amount to become an Honorary Board Member. But they’ll be happy to take any donation to make this happen. If you’re a fan of zombie films, especially Romero’s classics, take some time to watch the pitch video below and give your support.

Click here to visit the Indiegogo page for George Romero’s Hollywood Star.

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