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Japanese Anime Studio Trigger is looking for help in funding a sequel to their anime indie hit, Little Witch Academia.

Earlier this year, Studio Trigger uploaded an independently produced anime called Little Witch Academia to YouTube for free viewing. The 26 minute Japanese language, English subtitled anime has generated much buzz and currently has well over 700,000 views. Founder of Studio Trigger and Little Witch Academia script writer, Masahiko Otsuka, knew that there would be views originating from Japan but was surprised that the majority of the comments left on YouTube were in English. Otsuka, along with Producer Naoko Tsutsumi and the rest of the Trigger Studio staff, quickly realized that Little Witch Academia struck a chord with audiences beyond Japan as well as coincidentally learned about the creative project funding site Kickstarter through fan messages left in the video’s comments section. Amazed by both the strong fan support and the premise of the Kickstarter service, Studio Trigger decided to see if there would be enough support to get a sequel to Little Witch Academia made.

Little Witch Academia

The studio had already been prepared to make a second 20 minute episode of the anime, but they felt that the length and budget wasn’t enough to flush out enough about the characters and story that they wanted to tell. In order to help bolster their efforts to get a longer episode made, one in the 45 minute range, the animators turned to Kickstarter to seek the public’s help.

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The studio didn’t have to wait long to find out if fans were going to buy in. Less than 10 hours after their Kickstarter campaign went live, the Little Witch Academia 2 extension project, which requires a $150,000 goal, was successfully funded! At the time of this article’s writing, the project has so far netted over $200,000 with 29 days to go. Studio Trigger has pledged that any amount over the minimum $150,000 would result in a sequel that would have a longer runtime for character development and more action sequences. If you like it, you might consider contributing to the sequel which starts at one dollar.

little witch academia 2 3 600x375 Help Kickstart Studio Triggers Little Witch Academia 2
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