Help Make the Museum of Science Fiction a Reality

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There's a new museum coming to Washington DC, and it needs your help!

The Museum of Science Fiction is a project coming from Greg Viggiano, one that will explore and celebrate the genre that we know and love. If all goes well, Viggiano hopes to establish a 3,000 square foot preview museum that will open in late 2014, with further plans for a much larger facility that will open in 2017.

The Museum of Science Fiction will be the first of its kind: a dedicated space that explores science fiction in all its facets from literature to motion picture. Already, a number of artifacts have been pledged for the museum’s use: An original Enterprise-E prop, Armarosa Station filming prop, the Enterprise-A Dry Dock prop, a Deep Space 9 filming prop, and 20 paintings from the collection of Howard and Jane Frank.

This is a pretty cool concept, and already, it looks like they’ve got quite a bit of help and expertise on hand. 3,000 square feet, however, isn’t that much space, and hopefully, they’ll be able to leap to a larger, more permanent location in the next couple of years. In the meantime, there’s always the Science Fiction Hall of Fame at the EMP Museum in Seattle.

Want to help make this museum a reality? Head over to their Indiegogo page, where you can pledge your support. They’ve got a steep goal: $160,000…

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