Hey Dude Season 3 Arrives on DVD

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Do you remember this show? I'm guessing I'm too old for this era of Nickelodeon. The first thing I ever saw Christine Taylor (wife of Ben Stiller) in was the Brady Bunch movie as Marsha.

Apparently this show ran from 1989 to 1991. It’s wonderfully cheesy if you’re at all nostalgic for this early period in Nick’s history, but it’s terrifyingly cheesy if you think about how the acting and storytelling displayed in the season 3 DVD set could have irreparably harmed and disfigured these poor actors’ careers.

Honestly, Shout! Factory is the king of nostalgia DVD distribution, preying upon those of us who will consciously choose to spend money on memories of childhood tv that often doesn’t hold up more than 20 years later, but that’s okay. Unless you’re longing to revisit the fashion and harsh lighting that shooting on video in the wilderness that was forced upon these actors, you or your kids (now that fans of this show back then might have some) might not find it incredibly entertaining compared to the quality of today’s relatively sophisticated web series. But for some, the dated video quality holds a certain charm. Granted, it is a show made for kids, so don’t expect Emmy winning performances or production. I’m realizing more and more that the 80s and early 90s didn’t think much of their audience’s intelligence back then. I loved Star Blazers and GI Joe as a kid, but now I can’t get through an episode without getting a migrane. So I imagine it might be with Hey Dude fans wanting to slip back into the series once again on DVD. However, if you were a die-hard Hey Dude fan (and I imagine there are a few), you have to pick up the final season, available on DVD through Shout! Factory on their site and at reputable retailers everywhere.

Surprisingly, this scene taken from season 3 below isn’t that bad. Christine Taylor gets to do some acting instead of just reciting lines as she would if she were in a high school play. And she’s pretty good. Primetime 80s sitcom good.

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