Holy Home Release Batman! Adam West’s Caped Crusader Finally Coming To DVD in 2014

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For fans of a certain age the words Bam, Kapow, and Splatt will bring happy memories flooding back, of a simple time when villains wore face paint over their mustache and where red flashing phones meant something incredible was about to happen.

We are of cause talking about the 1960’s Batman show where these simple words became synonymous with the fight scenes of the caped crusader and the boy wonder.

Bat fans not around on the original viewings have never really lost out. The show has never really been out of syndication, always popping up in constant pop culture references to the show and Adam West basically playing a whacked out version of Batman on Family Guy, it has always remained in people’s memories.

As a fan myself one question has always burnt like a raging fire in my stomach and it’s a simple one. “Why has this not come out on DVD?” Digital copies are all well and good, but some fans just like a good hard copy of something, especially something as hilarious and entertaining as this series. Seems that question has finally been answered because Conan O’Brien (of all people) announced on his Twitter feed that Warner Brothers have finally done it and released the series on DVD. Don’t believe me? Well here is the Twitter image to prove it.

1960s batman and robin dvd conan tweet Holy Home Release Batman! Adam Wests Caped Crusader Finally Coming To DVD in 2014

This information was also confirmed on USA Today just for that added clarification. There is no confirmed date yet, but if it’s 2014 that means Warner Brothers must already have this well into production. What type of DVD set will be released we do not know. It will be a hefty set as the original series lasted 3 seasons with 120 episodes under its belt. Price is also unknown at this stage but there will be plenty of fans out there wanting to spend their hard earned cash on getting the opportunity to have Adam West’s Batman and Burt Ward’s Robin on hand any time they need their devilishly clever adventures.

Warner Brothers may have had this release in in mind for some time. The last few months have seen an increase in 60s Batman memorabilia, ranging from the new toy line through to the new comic book series. This sudden influx of high quality Bat goods has certainly got people’s attention and made them reminisce about the series, creating renewed interest to see the original series even more.

1960s batman and robin dvd comic Holy Home Release Batman! Adam Wests Caped Crusader Finally Coming To DVD in 2014

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Also more Batman exposure can’t hurt with the upcoming movie Batman vs. Superman coming in 2015. Much like the TV show, Warner Brothers have left us with a cliff hanger ending so we will need to tune at the same Bat time and same Bat channel to find out more.

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