House of Cards Season 2 Trailer: Hunt or Be Hunted

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That tingling in your fingers might be due to the cold, or perhaps it's from excitement thanks to a new full length House of Cards season 2 trailer.

If you have not watched season one of Netflix’s House of Cards, first – do not watch this trailer and second – go immediately to your preferred Netflix viewing venue and start watching. Now.

For those who are on the ball and have indulged in the Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright led political thriller, start to get excited because season two is right around the corner and it doesn’t appear to be letting up on the drama and intensity any time soon.

A few things:

  1. Is there anyone else who can throw a steak (which looks to be a perfect rare) into a pool without looking completely ridiculous? I think not. Spacey might have cornered the market on that particular skill.
  2. Jimmi Simpson!!! I have a great love for the man who was Mary (Psych) and who is starring in the finally upcoming Knights of Badassdom so seeing him in this trailer, being a badass unsurprisingly, makes the anticipation that much higher.
  3. How is it possible that Robin Wright seems to get more beautiful the older she gets? This should be a crime.
  4. With Underwood now as Vice President, isn’t there someone else he can send to his meetups with Kate Mara? That whole Deepthroat thing will surely bite him in the backside.
  5. How many days until February 14?

This season two trailer for the Golden Globe nominated show is just the latest in what can only be described as an incredibly sexy promotion campaign. Don’t believe me? Look no further than a spot that announced the release date of the second season featuring the aforementioned beautiful Robin Wright.

In addition there have been posters and a teaser trailer released that do nothing but get fans of the show uber-excited.

Tell your significant other that you love them and give them chocolates and flowers early, because come February 14, Valentine’s Day will be the furthest thing from your mind as you hunker down and binge on House of Cards season 2.

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