How Capcom Will Be Celebrating Mega Man’s 25th Birthday

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Today marks the beginning of Mega Man's 25th year of existence. Hard to believe, right? Mega Man first released to the Famicom in Japan on December 17, 1987. It hit North America and the NES a few days later; the European market didn't get it until three years later, though. That makes me feel incredibly old. How about you?

Capcom, proud parent that they are, has planned a full year of activities to celebrate this momentous occasion. The first – Street Fighter X Mega Man (PC) – is now available as a free download from Capcom Unity. It, as the title suggests, is a merging of the Mega Man world with the company’s other flagship series, Street Fighter. It’s in an 8-bit art style that fans of the original game should feel quite at home with.

That not enough to float your digital boat? Never fear, more is on the way! On December 27, Mega Man 1 will be made available as a download from the Nintendo 3DS Shop. Mega Man 2-6 will follow over the first part of 2013. The press release we received announcing this made no mention of a price, but I doubt it’ll be too hard on the pocketbook.

Below you’ll find a video I made of The Protomen performing the Mega Man-inspired “The Will of One” in 2009. Consider it my contribution to the birthday celebration. You must check ‘em out live if you haven’t already.

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