How to Get Your Own Light-Up Ghostbusters Firehouse from Art Asylum!

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Who you gonna call? Your local comic shop! It's probably your best shot at getting your hands on this limited edition light-up Ghostbusters firehouse mini-statue before they're gone. Art Asylum has crafted this beautiful recreation of the 'Busters home base from the original 1984 film. Not coincidentally, this item is limited to only 1,984 pieces. It stands 7 inches tall and even though it's not available yet, I wouldn't hold off on pre-ordering it as soon as humanly possible. They currently have statues of Slimer and the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man if you're needing a last minute gift for the holidays.

Click here to find your local comic shop as you take a look at this baby in its full glory…

ghostbusters light up mini firehouse statue full How to Get Your Own Light Up Ghostbusters Firehouse from Art Asylum!

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