Humble Bundle Provides Entertainment While Helping Those in Need

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A way to help yourself to some great content and help out some great causes while doing so.

Times are tough, and gamers are looking for ways to find some new games to play. Online game distributor Steam has sales on occasion, but this is usually for only one game and sometimes the offerings are meager at best. So what if I told you there was a website where you could get some great deals and also help some worthy causes? Well, look no further my friends, as there is such a place and it is called Humble Bundle.

Humble Bundle gathers a bunch of related items, and for a specified amount of time they offer this ‘bundle’ for sale. These items can be anything from movies, comedy specials and yes, even games. They gather these items and you can give as little as a dollar to unlock some of the content that they have up for grabs. You can also donate the average or a little bit above if you’re feeling generous and this unlocks even more content.

Some of the game bundles offered in the past have been from such top studios such as EA , THQ and Deep Silver. The charities have been very worthy indeed as they range from health (such as the San Francisco AIDS foundation) to other humanitarian needs (American Red Cross). The money gets distributed to these charities and when you submit your donation you can control where the money goes. Simply adjust the sliders when you’re making the donation and that’s all there is to it. Once the order is placed you get an email telling you how to redeem your bundle and with a few clicks you’re enjoying the content you paid pennies on the dollar for.

But is this working? Are people feeling generous to donate to some worthy causes? The last bundle that wrapped up (the EA Origin bundle) raised over $10 million dollars for some of the worthy charities that were involved. If this sounds like something that you might want to get in on head over to and remember to check back every so often as the deals change from week to week. Not only will you get some access to some great content but you will be helping out some real noble causes.

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