Hunger Games: District 13 Exists In Latest Mockingjay Teaser

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It's a long way till November, but Mockingjay has already embarked on an infectiously creepy viral campaign centered around a unified Panam.

In the first Mockingjay teaser we saw President Snow rallying citizenship and pride from all of the districts in support of a united Panam. And while on paper these sentiments sound pure, it couldn’t be any further from the truth. Lionsgate is one of many to start a wildfire fan reaction with an intelligent viral campaign that leaves us wanting more. The frame work of video starts with the same eerie all white background with President Snow in his usual all white duds and a questionable onlooking Peeta Mallark, but now with a new addition: Joanna.

After the intense cliffhanging events of Catching Fire, there was a plethora of unanswered questions; one being the fate of Peeta and Joanna after learning they were caught by the Capital. The campaign discreetly addresses this, as we see Peeta, Joanna and President Snow uniformed white looks. But something’s clearly off here, and that’s perhaps what captivates viewers. Peeta and Joanna are inexplicably mute and unlike themselves (especially Joanna given her fiery temperament) appearing to be under some form of control. To what extent is still unknown. But the teaser gets better as we see the broadcast frequency interrupted by an unknown force which turns out to be tech savvy tribute Beetee from District 3.  Beetee’s pirate signal elicits one message; “The Mockingjay Lives”

Screen Shot 2014 07 09 at 11.49.18 PM 600x338 Hunger Games: District 13 Exists In Latest Mockingjay Teaser

Beetee’s involvement in the hijacked broadcast should come as no surprise given his ties to the inception of the Mockingjay revolution in Catching Fire. Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 is already framing up to be a politically impactful film. The more we see of Panem and The Capitol’s agenda, the more scary and realistic the world Suzzane Collin’s dystopian trilogy becomes. If you’re into political Big Brother-like films be sure to check out 12 Cinematic Governments That Scare The Crap Out of Us.

That’s all we’ve got for now folks, but be sure to stay tuned to Geek for the latest Mockingjay Part 1 news. What’d you think of the newest teaser, did it give you the creeps too? Or are you ready to join the revolution? Be sure to sound off on the Geek Facebook page and remember, “May the odds be forever in your favor.”

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