Hyperkin’s Retron5 Retro Gaming Console’s Rocky Release

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The Retron5 has been big news for a long time, but as release dates have come and gone with no console to show for it, fans have grown frustrated. But now, months after its original release date, the Retron5 is finally making its way into gamers' hands.

In a market where most retro consoles offer a limited take on a single system featuring a sample of available games, the Retron5 is a retro gamer’s dream. The Retron5 is a single console that supports ten popular platforms, including the NES, SNES, Genesis as well as some Game Boy variants, and gives them a boost with modern technology like JPEG screen caps, Bluetooth controllers and on the fly save states. It’s no wonder that fans have been salivating over this for the better part of a year.

Rumored release dates came and went. Preorders fell into limbo, the manufacturer, Hyperkin, went silent on a new release date, and fans began to get restless. To their credit, Hyperkin did a reasonable job of taking fan frustration in stride, offering a free Retron5 console to a clever Facebook fan who created an image that summed up the whole state of affairs pretty well.

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In May, Hyperkin finally confirmed a June 6 release date, and it appears that the company has kept its promise as preorders are starting to be delivered and consoles are becoming available to the masses. But early reviews have been mixed. Some gamers have complained that saving to battery-backed games is problematic, and users have reported that their saved games have been wiped by the process. The controllers have generally been accepted as passable, though far from perfect. Fortunately, the console allows for the use of the original system controllers as well.

In all, the Retron5 is a system with a lot of potential, and Hyperkin has a vested interest in keeping its already jaded fanbase engaged, so gamers should anticipate strong support of the system as the bugs are worked out.

Images: Hyperkin Games, Retron5.com

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