iD Software co-founder Tom Hall Turns to Kickstarter for Worlds of Wander

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In October 2013, iD Software co-founder & Commander Keen creator Tom Hall and Brenda Romero (Wizardry, Wife of John "Big Hair" Romero) attempted to fund Shaker, an "old school RPG" on Kickstarter. Their goal budget: $1,000,000. Money was immediately tossed in their direction; however, the project was ultimately canceled. They deemed their own pitch "not strong enough" and decided to retool the idea a bit.

Earlier today, Hall made his return to Kickstarter to raise money for a Keen-esque “platform game creation tool” called Worlds of Wander. The page states that Worlds of Wander (Too bad he can’t use WoW an an acronym, eh?) will let ”you build and share levels, worlds, and whole game experiences with other players.” It will come with a full-game, Secret Spaceship Club (Commander Keen’s spiritual successor) for folks to pick apart and experiment with. 

The Worlds of Wander campaign has already brought in $15,022 of its $400,000 budget. At that rate, Hall should have no trouble funding the game. As a big fan of both Commander Keen and the old-school Loadrunner level builder, that makes me incredibly happy.

Check out Hall’s plea video below and hit up the Kickstarter page if you’d like to donate.

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