IDW Announces Fever Ridge, a WWII Historical Fiction Series

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If you’re interested in often ignored areas of world history, you might want to check out IDW’s forthcoming 8-issue miniseries, Fever Ridge. The book takes inspiration from the real soldiers of the 6th Infantry Division of the 6th Army and their experiences in World War II carrying out General MacArthur’s campaigns in the jungles of New Guinea and the Philippines. It comes from web comic writer Mike Heimos and artist Nick Runge (Judge Dredd, Ghostbusters).

“I am thrilled to be teaming up with IDW to tell this story of ‘The Sightseers’,” said Heimos, who conceived the book as a tribute to his Grandfather, a soldier who served in the 6th. “It is one that involves subject matter that has received too little attention in general; almost none in historical fiction and I don’t think any in graphic novels/comics.”

“The heart of the forest can be as cruel and tangled as our mind. Yet, it’s beauty and fire hold the keys to this world,” added Runge. “The War is only one of the many faces that shape this tale of survival and suspense in the dark corners of New Guinea. Our main characters face not only the horror of combat and secrets of the jungle, but the question of how these events will affect the path of their lives when they return home…. if they do…. This is a new take on World War II in the Pacific and I’m truly honored to have a fantastic company like IDW publishing this series. It’s a perfect fit!”

The first issue of Fever Ridge drops this February.

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