IDW Reintroduces the World to Steve Ditko’s Monsters

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IDW will soon launch a new hardcover series showcasing the lesser known pulp work of legendary comic artist Steve Ditko.

The first volume collects the complete run of Gorgo, a series Ditko worked on during his run on The Amazing Spider-Man and Doctor Strange. The original series, published by Charlton Comics from 1961-65, was based upon the British monster movie of the same name. The film followed the titular monster as he is captured and taken to London as a circus attraction. The comic, which was drawn by Ditko and written by Joe Gill, expands upon Gorgo’s exploits. IDW’s Ditko Monsters: Gorgo is a 224- page tome and will be available January 30 for $34.99.

“This is the third Ditko book I’ve had the great pleasure to produce, the first two were The Art of Ditko and The Creativity of Ditko,” says Craig Yoe, who penned the intro for IDW’s Gorgo compendium and designed its layout. “As proud of I am of those, this one may be the most F-U-N fun yet, because it’s all about a ginormous, scaly-skinned, dinosaur-like, anti-social, city-smashing MONSTER. Ditko obviously had a blast doing these mad-cool comics, smashingly putting the “GO” in Gorgo!”

Later in 2013, Konga, another Ditko-drawn book based on a British monster movie, will receive the Ditko Monsters treatment.

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