Illinois Library Turns to Crowd-Funding for Hulk Statue

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A library in Illinois is looking to get people excited about its extensive graphic novel section through the most logical course of action: constructing a nine-foot-tall statue of the incredible Hulk. What else?

To be fair, the Northlake Public Library isn’t looking to spend taxpayer money on the statue, and has instead turned to crowdfunding via Indiegogo. With a $30,000 goal, the library has a long way to go, but with 38 days left on the campaign and $1,101 already raised as of this writing, it’s certainly conceivable that the statue could get funded. And in addition to going towards building the statue, the $30,000 would also go toward expanding the graphic novel collection, as well as the installation of a “creation station,” which would feature computers and Cintiq drawing devices to help patrons create their own comics, as well as a 3D printer to create figures of kid-created superheroes.

A post on Comics Beat offers up a statement from the library’s own Tom Mukite, who spelled out the motivation behind the Hulk statue project:

“We feel that he will attract new readers to the graphic novels as well become somewhat of an attraction bringing in people that don’t normally think of libraries as a fun place. When they come to see him they’ll find out that we have a huge graphic novel collection and many other fun things such as dvds and cds. Also, young reluctant readers will probably take a chance and pick up a Hulk book or another graphic novel when they become curious about why he’s there.”

And now that this campaign is rolling, hopefully other libraries around the country will follow suit. How long until the Avengers assemble in front of libraries throughout the United States?

Source: Comics Beat, Indiegogo

Image: Marvel

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