Intelligent Life: Star Trek’s David Reddick Debuts New Geeky Comic Strip

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Star Trek has championed an entire geek cult of its own, including the wildly popular Trek Life by David Reddick that ran on Now focusing on a more pop-culturally savvy geek audience, Reddick has created Intelligent Life, a newspaper comic strip that recently debuted.

Geek culture and pop culture have been quite the pairing as of late. Whether it’s the culmination of Arrow gifs with Mean Girls subtitles (a personal favorite of one of my editors) or endless memes, it’s obvious that geek culture has caught the attention of the general public. Because of this we have series such as The Big Bang Theory, Heroes of Cosplay and countless others.

Intelligent Life 070714 600x173 Intelligent Life: Star Treks David Reddick Debuts New Geeky Comic Strip

Reddick is taking his geek appeal to the next level with Intelligent Life,  which is essentially The Big Bang Theory meets the comic pages, and takes a unique look at the world of pop culture and obsessive fandom of all types. The strip revolves around a set of characters who very much exist in our world of geek/pop culture and follows the work life, hobbies and obsessions of four friends. Whether it’s the stereotypical comic geek or numbers crunching sports nerd, this is the first time there has been a daily comic strip to take on these subjects with such a unique voice.

We’re curious as to how impactful the strip will become given its chosen form of media. That being said, it’s nice to see another nod to the world of geek culture, one penned by someone who’s actively involved in it.

What do you think about this fun new comic strip? Is it something you’d want to read, or are you on the fence with something so close to The Big Bang Theory? Be sure to sound off in the comment section below or on the Geek Facebook page.


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