Intellivision Flashback Console Rumored for October 2014 Release

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Retro gaming fans have a new system to look forward to as At Games adds Intellivision to its retro game console lineup this fall.

Retro gamers have have had their eyes on At Games for some time now. Best known for its Atari Flashback console series, rumors have also been circulating about Collecovision and a Sega Classic consoles, but few details have emerged on either of those systems.

The rumors about the Intellivision Flashback heated up after last year’s rather nonspecific announcement about a new partnership between At Games and Intellivision.  Fans have been waiting for some details, but amid the silence at least one retailer has just started taking preorders for the much-anticipated console, citing a release in October 2014.

If the preliminary box art is to be believed, gamers can look forward to a port of 60 Intellivision titles to this new console.  Between its release in 1979 through its discontinuance in 1985, around 125 games were released for the Intellivision system, so the Flashback edition will contain roughly half of the full game library.

We all know that just because a game is vintage that doesn’t mean it is good, so much of the console’s success will depend on which games made the cut.  Evident from the box art is Astrosmash, which is promising, but a full game list will tell the whole story. BurgerTime, Pac Man and Lock N’ Chase will be a must for many Intellivision fans.  Gamers who remember the original Intellivision will no doubt recall the controller overlays that were unique to the Intellivision system and that were used in games like Major League Baseball and Sea Battle.  The Intellivision Flashback system promises to include the overlays as well.

We’ll keep an eye on the story for more information as it develops. Would you be excited to see an Intellivision Flashback console? Sound off in the comments section below!

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