iOS Device Owners in Japan are Getting the Pokémon Pokédex

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Could my dreams finally be realized? Could an iOS version of Pokémon be on the horizon? I’m almost too excited to type and I’m 33 years old. Someone please help. 

Polygon reports that Pokémon iOS will be downloadable to residents of Japan tomorrow. This isn’t a new game, sadly; it’s simply 3D Pokédex (contains Pokémon 493-649; the rest are available as DLC). This 170 yen (approximately $2.09 USD) app will run on an Apple-made device running iOS 6. Although it’s only purchasable via the Japanese App Store, it boasts English, French, German, Italian and Spanish translations. There’s currently no information regarding a US release; however, with so many translations already in place, I can’t imagine it won’t be brought over. What’s left to do outside of resubmitting it to Apple? 

I’m pulling for this product to have worldwide acclaim in hopes that it will inspire The Pokémon Company and Nintendo to create an iOS-based Pokémon title. Sure, the Nintendo 3DS is mobile, but it’s certainly much bigger than my iPhone. Having a new, incredibly popular avenue to indulge in capturing them all would likely win the franchise an even larger audience. 

If you have an Apple device and would like to play a Pokémon-esque game, I suggest you check out Dragon Island ($0.99). That game has a similar capture & battle mechanic with a more traditional JRPG influence.

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