SDCC 2014: Benedict Cumberbatch Comments on Doctor Strange Rumors

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On the first day of SDCC 2014, Benedict Cumberbatch addresses head on the latest Marvel speculation involving his role as the Sorcerer Supreme.

It goes without saying, that we can’t get enough of Benedict Cumberbatch here, and like any Hollywood celeb involved in the world of geek, Cumberbatch made an appearance on the first day of the San Diego Comic Con. The Star Trek Into Darkness actor made his debut (that’s right, he’s a newbie to the con folks) at SDCC for the Penguins of Madagascar (they’re still making these movies?), in which he plays a wolf. How fitting. From the sounds of it, Hall H was packed to hear Cumberbatch speak on his new role, an “all action” James Bond like wolf who leads an elite team of animal helpers called The North Wind. Penguins of Madagascar hits theaters this Thanksgiving.

DR SDCC 2014: Benedict Cumberbatch Comments on Doctor Strange Rumors

But on to pressing matters, Doctor Strange. After leaving a sea of fans in Hall H, Cumberbatch sat down with MTV news to discuss the buzz about the upcoming Marvel flick. Benedict reveals he won’t be starring in the film, but  does suggest that he had discussions with Marvel about the role.

As far as I’m aware, even if that was the case, it couldn’t work out because I’m doing a little play called Hamlet in London. So I don’t think I could even if that was in the cards. It sounds like a fantastic project. It’s a shame if I miss out, but who knows?”

The fact that Cumberbatch knows about the filming schedule and it’s direct conflict with Hamlet definitely suggests that he had some sort of interaction with Marvel studios. When pressed further on his contact with Marvel Studios, the Brit replied with a grin:

“I couldn’t possibly comment.”

Well that settles it folks. No Benedict Cumberbatch as the Sorcerer Supreme. Though this may come as sad news for some, and by some I mean I – there’s still a tidal wave of news coming this weekend, including the heavily anticipated Marvel Studios panel. Obviously there’ll be some big movie news in the panel, and maybe some additional Doctor Strange details? Time will soon tell.

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