The Omen is Headed to TV: It’s All For You, Damien

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The Walking Dead showrunner Glen Mazzara is tackling a rather bizarre gig in the form of Damien, a TV series based on The Omen.

There’s a veritable smorgasbord of horror classics returning to TV these days, and The Omen is about to join the fold. After Glen Mazzara was ejected from The Walking Dead following his work on seasons two and three, he’s set his sights on Damien, the television adaptation of The Omen. And the series will air on Lifetime, of all places.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Damien will follow the titular child as an adult who finds the macabre events of his past more than a little traumatizing. It looks like he’ll eventually have to face his “destiny” as the Antichrist in the end, but in the meantime we’ll probably see him date and deal with a bunch of bizarro relationships, and other Lifetime peculiarities.

damien 300x193 The Omen is Headed to TV: Its All For You, Damien

This could be terrible, or it could be amazing. We’ll have to wait to pass judgment when the series finally makes its debut, but it seems like a real ‘boom or bust’ situation here. Our hope is that it’s truer to the source material than preliminary descriptions let on. Since The Omen movies do cover Damien’s ascent into adulthood and all the strange happenings that occur afterward, the series would have to delve into some other, juicier tidbits of Damien’s adult life.

Personally, the political angle from the movies themselves felt as though they were the best fit they possibly could have been, seeing as he’s the Antichrist and all, but there’s always room for some other narrative ideas if done correctly. Plus, Lifetime has been expanding to other genres of television as well, with Witches of East End and The Lottery in the channel’s current rotation, two very different series that are a definite tangent from the usual fare that’s skewed toward a female audience.

Mazzara is also hard at work with other horror classics, penning Overlook Hotel, a prequel to the Stephen King phenomenon The Shining.

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