Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit New Clip Showcases Chris Pine in Clancy Role

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A new clip has hit the internet for Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, and it appears at first blush that fans of the Tom Clancy character won't be disappointed by this newest venture.

Chris Pine steps into the role made famous by Alec Baldwin in Hunt for Red October, and of course Harrison Ford in Clear and Present Danger and Patriot GamesWe’d include Ben Affleck’s Sum of All Fears, but walk into a crowd and ask anyone to name a Jack Ryan film, and the 2002 adaptation likely won’t be mentioned all that often, if at all.

Much like the 2002 film, Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit is a reboot, most likely intending to be a multi-film series. Instead of a middle aged CIA top brass, we get a look at Jack Ryan as a young man, just starting off in the field. The clip released by Paramount shows Ryan’s first kill, and his understandable reaction.

Even though it is a reboot, Ryan will still be battling those pesky Russians. Nothing like a Cold War era storyline to make one feel very nostalgic. Alongside Pine, the film stars Kevin Costner as William Harper, Keira Knightely as Ryan’s wife, Cathy Ryan, and Kenneth Branagh as bad guy Viktor Cherevin.

With a release date of January 17 right around the corner, press for the film is really starting to heat up. During various bowl games over the New Years holiday, ESPN lent a hand to help promote the film. The result? Some fun spots that are entertaining and a bit adorable as well.

Also released recently were character posters for the film, as well as a main poster. Perhaps the biggest thing to note is the bit in the corner there that says, “based on characters created by Tom Clancy.” While Clancy does have a writers credit on this film (his last before his death in October of 2013), Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit is the first of the Ryan films not directly adapted from a Clancy novel.

So, what do you think of this new reboot? Looking forward to seeing Captain Kirk kick ass here on Earth? Can’t wait to see Kenneth Branagh’s latest directorial effort? Let us know down in the comments below!

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