JJ Abrams to Direct Star Wars Episode VII [UPDATED]

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Officially confirmed by Lucasfilm – “Star Wars is Being Kick-Started with Dynamite”

Seems that short list of directors for Episode VII just got a helluva lot shorter. It’s down to one. And according to The Wrap, that man is JJ Abrams (Lost, Fringe, Alias, Star Trek). After admitting he was approached, but always swearing he had to turn it down out of loyalty to the Star Trek franchise, Abrams has caved. Disney and Lucasfilm seems to have found a way to bring him over to the dark side (or whatever side Star Wars is on in relation to Star Trek).

He has never been shy about his lifelong love and devotion for the iconic film series, so much so that in order to make Star Trek once again palatable to a moviegoing audience, he added more than a little Star Wars spectacle into the 2009 pseudo-reboot film. Of course, depending on the type of Star Trek fan you talk to, that picture was a smashing success or a dismal failure.

Now Abrams has (in some eyes) the unenviable task of redeeming what many feel is a franchise that’s lost its way after the critically reviled prequel trilogy that unfolded almost 14 years ago. But from what we can see here, this is a bold Joss-Whedon-directing-the-Avengers type move that will bring fans by the starship-load and will soon put themselves in the position of breaking their own box office records over the next few years. If anyone in fandom has a loyal following that can rival Whedon’s, it’s Abrams’.

Editor Jeff Bond talked about managing expectations when it comes to JJ Abrams and his current sci-fi movie trek, but we want to hear from you.

What do you think the future holds with JJ Abrams at the helm? What do you think this means for the Star Trek films? Can one man truly hold the fate of the two biggest intergalactic sci-fi epics in his two hands? Or will one suffer? Can Abrams renew lapsed fans’ faith in a new trilogy of films or are we being set up for a big disappointment?

Tell us.


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