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Go Team Venture!  Venture Bros returns to Adult Swim this Sunday night, June 2nd at midnight with an all-new 5th season after what feels like a decade off the air (minus the occasional holiday special).

But why limit your Venture time to just a few moments a week on a late Sunday night?  What if you could take the world of the Venture Bros everywhere you go while also infusing it with your natural body odor?  That’s right!  The Venture Bros Shirt-of-the-Week promotion is back!

For just $20 a shirt, shipping included, a shirt will be mailed to you every week, tying into the episode that airs.  They’ve done this in previous year and yours truly has been lucky enough to take advantage of this deal.  I still get stopped on the street, at conventions, and at Brisbyland whenever I wear my Dr Girlfriend shirt.  They ask where I got it and where they can also get it, because they NEED it!  I tell them that it was only available for one week many, many years ago… in a more innocent time and they’re $#@! out of luck.

That’s right.  Once they’re done with this promotion, you won’t be able to get these designs anywhere else, ever again!  The great thing about this whole deal is that they’re offering fans the chance to pre-order all 8 of the episode shirts at once, so you don’t miss any of them.  And when you do subscribe to the Venture Bros Shirt Club, you get a bonus 9th shirt for free!  If you’re confused by all of this, just check out their site at and get all the details.  You have only until June 7th to sign up for the Venture Bros Shirt Club subscription.  Otherwise, watch the site for each new shirt when it’s announced around the airing of the latest episode Sundays at midnight on Adult Swim!

If you have no idea what the Venture Bros is all about, take a look at this video below. It won’t give you any answers, but it will give you nearly 5 minutes worth of intense, confusing action and inappropriate humor that even fans of the show will have a hard time piecing together properly in any coherent manner. Don’t let them convince you otherwise. They have no idea what’s going on in this video either… And that’s fine by us.

The madness returns Sunday, June 2nd at midnight on Adult Swim!

Image: Adult Swim/Titmouse

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