Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s HITRECORD ON TV Hits YouTube

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Joseph Gordon-Levitt took to Reddit last week to let the internet see the premiere of his new TV show, HITRECORD ON TV, a week before its air date.

You can still watch the first episode of HITRECORD ON TV on YouTube right now, before its official airdate on Pivot this Saturday at 10:00 PM. The show is an extension of Gordon-Levitt’s web project hitRECord, which brings together hundreds of artists to work collaboratively on all kinds of projects including literature, music, visual art and short films. hitRECord was created in 2005 by Gordon-Levitt and his brother, and has blossomed into a pretty large community of contributors. Despite his active film career, Gordon-Levitt is fairly active on the site himself, curating and even joining in with some work of his own every now and again. 

HITRECORD ON TV is a variety show centered around the same concept of community. It looks like Gordon-Levitt will host each episode and bookend each piece with interviews with collaborators and small interstitial segments to round out the show, but the focus is largely set on the work a lot of these otherwise unknown artists have put together.

The show feels rough around the edges at times and some of the pieces fall flat, but Gordon-Levitt’s mission statement seems to be the celebration of creativity, and not necessarily the flawless result that comes from it. There’s an optimism to HITRECORD ON TV that makes it feel a lot like Michel Gondry’s Be Kind Rewind, a film that also shares a love for the creative process.

Pivot has already renewed HITRECORD ON TV for a second season, a week before the first episode airs, thanks in part to the positive reception from the early online premiere. Joseph Gordon-Levitt‘s passion for the show is contagious – Just browsing through his comments from the Reddit post is enough to win you over. Hopefully the show and the larger hitRECord community will continue to grow and expand.

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