Joss Whedon Signs On for The Avengers 2 & Avengers-related TV Series

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Joss Whedon, to everyone’s delight and no one’s surprise, has officially been confirmed as the director for The Avengers 2. Disney president Bob Iger passed along the news today on a Disney Investor Conference Call.

In addition to helming the film, Whedon will also be involved with The Avengers-related television series we mentioned a few days ago, which will have “light” ties to the film. Nothing is known regarding what the series actually is, but, as I mentioned in my previous post, I suspect and hope that it will focus on the Secret Avengers; however, since Whedon once wrote for the book, The Runaways would be a viable option. There’s still talk of that group getting their own film, though.

While on the subject of The Avengers, has posted a few clips from the original film to publicize its forthcoming Blu-ray release. I’ve embedded two below for your viewing pleasure.

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