Juan Ortiz Creates Poster For New Star Trek: Phase II Episode

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In addition to his posters for the original Star Trek, Juan Ortiz is lending his talents to the popular web series, Star Trek: Phase II.

Just flipping through the pages of The Art of Juan Ortiz: Star Trek, one is rocketed back to the moments of those three seasons of the original Star Trek. You remember the happenings of each episode as its essence is captured beautifully by the artist.

Now he is bringing that artistry to the fan-created web series, Star Trek: Phase II. The web series goes beyond those three seasons with eight episodes of their own. On February 14, the newest Star Trek: Phase II episode will hit the web to great anticipation, and Juan Ortiz is joining in on the fun by creating a poster for that episode, titled “The Holiest Thing”.

Star Trek Phase II poster 600x800 Juan Ortiz Creates Poster For New Star Trek: Phase II Episode

Without even knowing much about the web series, this poster catches your attention and intrigues you. Delving a little deeper, you learn that “The Holiest Thing” was directed by veteran Starship Smackdown panelist Daren Dochterman, and it becomes a must-see.

If you haven’t seen Star Trek: Phase II, you can start with the video below and surely find the time to catch up between now and February 14, when the newest episode hits the internet.

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