Justice League: War Gets Its First Trailer

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Warner Bros. has lifted the curtain on Justice League: War, and we like what we see.

While the blockbuster superhero movies usually steal the spotlight when it comes to comic book adaptations, it’s hard to ignore the work that’s being done on the animated front. Warner Brothers has been building up its line of DC Universe Animated Original Movies, with 17 released so far, and a handful more projects that are set to release next year.

Justice League: War is one of those projects, and Warner Bros. has just released the first trailer, which you can view above. The film is based off of Justice League Vol. 1: Origin, the New 52 story penned by Geoff Johns. There’s a stable of talent behind the film, most notably is director Jay Olivia, who was responsible for Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, and for helping to produce the live-action Man of Steel film. 

The voice cast features the talents of Alan Tudyk as Clark Kent/Superman, Jason O’Mara as Bruce Wayne/Batman, Justin Kirk as Hal Jordan/Green Lantern, Michelle Monaghan as Princess Diana/Wonder Woman, and Christopher Gorham as Barry Allen/The Flash. The film will chronicle the forming of the Justice League, as the heroes ban together to defend the world from an alien invasion led by the Darkseid. 

Justice League: War is set to release on February 4, 2014, through Warner Home Video.

Video Credit: IGN

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