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I've long been a big fan of Military Science Fiction: stories like Starship Troopers, Ender's Game and The Forever War have long held my interest for their action, characters and stories. Recently, however, I've been wanting some more modern, relevant stories, finding that they're few and far between.

Along with my co-editor, Jaym Gates, we’ve launched a Kickstarter project along with Apex Publications to fund a new anthology of Military Science Fiction stories called War Stories. The anthology features a range of authors, from Joe Haldeman to Linda Nagata to Ken Liu. Our cover art has been created by Hugo Award winning author, Galen Dara.

This is an anthology that looks to add to the genre, taking in the recent experiences of soldiers and civilians on the battlefield. It’s composed of original stories (plus two reprints) that look at the complicated nature of warfare for all involved, all while showcasing what we love about military science fiction.

Here’s some of the authors that we’ll have in the Table of Contents:

  • Joe Haldeman, ‘Graves’
  • Keith Brooke, ‘War 3.01′
  • Jake Kerr, ‘Mission. Suit. Self.’
  • Yoon Ha Lee, ‘Warhosts’
  • Ken Liu, ‘In The Loop’
  • T.C. McCarthy ‘Black Butterflies’
  • Linda Nagata, ‘Light and Shadow’
  • Mike Sizemore, ‘All You Need’
  • Janine Spendlove, ‘Coming Home’
  • James L. Sutter, ‘Suits’

More authors will be announced over the course of the project!

Interested? Back the project over on the War Stories Anthology Kickstarter page.

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