Knighthood & Decoy – Britain’s Comic Answer to Batman and Robin

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If the Batman and Robin series of the 1960s were transported to today, it would probably look a lot like Knighthood & Decoy, except a lot more British. As part of the Multiverse series from Channel Flip, these two past-their-prime heroes stalk the streets of London, fighting crime and, occasionally, incontinence. Don't expect high brow social commentary or ass-kicking action. You're going to get gut busting comedy and unnecessary violence AND YOU'LL LIKE IT!

Check out the first two episodes (the 2nd one will start immediately after the 1st ends) and a trailer for what the Multiverse is all about, featuring Warwick Davis, below. Prepare for some strong language and potty humor squeezed into ill-fitting spandex, just in case that’s not exactly your cup of tea.

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