LEGO’s San Diego Comic-Con Plans: Ninjago, Lord of the Rings, and More!

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Life-sized LEGO statues of Gandalf and Bilbo Baggins from The Hobbit are on display at San Diego Comic-Con this week (which kicks off in just a few hours), and that's just for starters. LEGO is planning a major presence at Comic-Con this year to promote LEGO Lord of the Rings and LEGO The Hobbit, LEGO Super Heroes, and of course LEGO Star Wars. Here's a handy guide to finding the best of LEGO in San Diego.

First of all, you can view these life-sized statues, built by LEGO Master Builders, at LEGO’s booth (which is not where LEGO’s booth has traditionally been located) right in the heart of the exhibit hall at Booth #2829. The Gandalf model towers over 6 feet tall, weighs 170 pounds, uses 34,407 bricks, and took 405 hours to complete. The Biblo statue is also more than 6 feet tall, but it weighs about 100 pounds and was built from 21,112 bricks. Bilbo took 320 hours to build.

LEGO’s biggest-ever presence at Comic-Con includes a strategy for a “theme of the day” on each day of the Con, where every day, LEGO’s focus will be on a different property including The Hobbit, Super Heroes, Star Wars, and Ninjago. In addition to panels held throughout the week, the LEGO booth will also be home to first-ever reveals of new LEGO sets and limited edition giveaways. Con attendees can even help build part of the booth each day.

Additionally, LEGO will show off its roster of new Minifigures for 2013, and will be giving away four of the new Minifigs all week — Marvel’s Venom and Phoenix, and DC’s Shazam and Bizarro. LEGO has 4,000 Minifigs to give away (1,000 of each), and you must sign up at the LEGO booth to win. Winners who receive a specially marked Minifigure will also get the chance to win an ultra-rare prize. Among these special prizes are art renderings of LEGO designs, LEGO mini models of Hulk and Batman, Batcave models signed by DC’s Geoff Johns and Jim Lee, and autographed comic books.

So why all the fuss? Because this year marks LEGO’s 80th anniversary. And what better time and place to celebrate than at Comic-Con? Here’s the schedule.

legodwarves 600x168 LEGOs San Diego Comic Con Plans: Ninjago, Lord of the Rings, and More!

First look: Gandalf & Dwarf Minifigures from LEGO The Hobbit

Thursday, July 12: LEGO Lord of the Rings & LEGO The Hobbit
Themed activities include a sneak peek at the first LEGO The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey building set. The booth will also preview a series of short LEGO Lord of the Rings videos that will air in the future on Cartoon Network. Fans will also get to embark on a scavenger hunt around the convention floor to piece together the Bilbo Baggins Minifigure. One lucky winner will receive a raffled-off, custom 5 inch LEGO model of Bilbo.

Friday, July 13: LEGO Super Heroes
LEGO’s booth will display a 3D mosaic featuring Wonder Woman, Batman, and Superman, while a to-scale life-sized model of the Hulk, built entirely out of LEGO bricks, will tower over the show floor. Sets will be on display from both the LEGO Super Heroes: DC Universe and LEGO Super Heroes: Marvel collections. And two fans will win five inch models of LEGO Batman and LEGO Spider-Man.

Saturday, July 14: LEGO Star Wars
Saturday is always Star Wars Day at Comic-Con, and LEGO is set to take advantage with its own Star Wars theme. Con goers will be the first to see the new LEGO Star Wars “Rancor Pit” set, which is one of twenty new LEGO sets coming to Star Wars next year. A five inch LEGO Luke Skywalker will be won by one attendee, and a video preview of a new LEGO Star Wars episode from Cartoon Network will be shown on a loop.

Sunday, July 15: LEGO Ninjago
At 10:30 Sunday morning, LEGO is holding a Ninjago panel in Room 8. At 2:PM, LEGO will make a special Ninjago announcement that fans won’t want to miss. And the five inch LEGO giveaway for Sunday? A green ninja.

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