Less Than 24 Hours Left to Support the Veronica Mars Movie!

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Sure, the Veronica Mars movie Kickstarter met its goal in a matter of hours, but why stop there?

They’re well past FIVE MILLION DOLLARS, even though they only asked for 2 million.

Now they’re just trying to break a few records on the way to tomorrow’s big finish. They just need to get a little more than 87,000 individual backers to take the record for most backers of any Kickstarter ever! And it’s easy to help them do that: They just added a $1 donation option. It doesn’t get you much more than the good feeling you get when you become a part of the biggest movie making Kickstarter ever! But the higher level donations still get you lots of good stuff, including copies of the script, t-shirts, stickers, signed photos, autographed posters, personalized voicemail messages, invites to the screening, copies of the DVD/Blu-Ray, and tons more! (sorry, no ponies) They even just added special tickets to their official off-site San Diego Comic-Con fan event (which sold out almost instantly). Who knows what else might pop up in the final hours? It’s not even about the most money anymore. It’s just about the number of backers. As of this posting, they just need a little more than 5000 backers in less than 24 hours! I’m sure 5000 of you could chip in 5000 separate $1 dollar bills. That’s actually better than one person pledging $5000 (though I’m sure they’d appreciate it either way).

Go to the official page now and become a part of Kickstarter history!

UPDATE: Kickstarter complete! The record was broken! Check out their Kickstarter page for all the info!

Here’s Kristen’s message to her Marshmallows with less than 24 hours to go!

And if you still don’t know what this is all about, check out this now extended (by 50 seconds) director’s cut of the pitch video. Wouldn’t you love to see a movie starring these adorably beautiful and funny people? Well, it’s gonna happen anyway. Here’s your last chance to be a part of it.

Rob will be celebrating the project’s success at a pub in Austin, Texas tomorrow (information available to backers only), so if you’re in town, you’ve ponied up at least a dollar, you’re over 21, and you’ve RSVP’d, be sure to swing by and give him a hearty pat on the back. Tell him Geek sent you!

Image: Rob Thomas (design by Rick Pickett)

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