Looks like the Esquire and G4 Merger is Happening

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Back in October, as you may recall, the G4 Network canceled two of its most popular programsAttack of the Show and X-Play. Apparently G4 Media and its parent company, NBC Universal, no longer wished to service the pop culture, tech & video game obsessed demographic that both those shows catered to. During this time it was rumored that the suits behind the channel would be bringing on a partner – GQ or Esquire Magazine – to turn it into an “upscale guy TV space.” That rumor is starting to pan out.

Sources tell The Hollywood Reporter that a deal has been struck between NBC Universal and Esquire-publishers Hearst Corporation to create the aforementioned “upscale guy TV space.” Their new line-up will cover things like cooking, travel and fashion; however, video games won’t be completely ignored. A few of G4’s current shows will be sticking around, too. Let’s hope that doesn’t include Cheaters. THR’s post says the rebranding will likely occur in early 2013.   

Spike TV, are you paying attention? With the VGAs and GameTrailers.TV, you already have a piece of the video game pie; infusing your schedule with more geek-friendly content would bring in a whole new audience. Give us a home, ya’ll! 

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