Looks Like We’ll Be Getting “A New Batch” of Gremlins

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Fanboys & Fangirls, take your blood pressure medicine. OK, you good? I'll now deliver the bad news.

New York Magazine reports that Warner Brothers and Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Entertainment are currently “negotiating” a reboot of 1984′s Gremlins (aren’t you glad I had you take your medication?). This has apparently almost happened a few times before; however, Spielberg’s desired budget for the film apparently made studios too nervous to work with him on it. According to NY Magazine’s sources, though, the reboot will likely happen this time.

If another Gremlins film is to be made, the original cast MUST be involved (Zach Galligan and Phoebe Cates at the very least) and computer animation MUST not be used. Remember how freaky seeing Garfield in CG was? I shudder to think what the evil Spike would look like done the same way. I’d fully embrace a proper sequel with those stipulations in place; a good deal of the fan community probably would as well.

Would you be willing to watch a Gremlins reboot?

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