Lord of Tears: Owlman Viral Campaign Terrifies ChatRoulette Users

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We've all heard of Trolls, those faceless internet beasts that prey on the weak, the gullible and the unprepared and can strike at any time. But have you ever heard of the Owlman?

Well, the users of Chatroulette certainly had not. Chatroulette is a site that allows you to video chat with random strangers online, where pretty much anything can happen with each new chat window. Normally this would be a fun way of communicating with people from around the world, but in this case the users were in for the shock of their lives as they were very slowly greeted by a very sinister character.

Turns out this creature is not the first evidence of a new monster menace. It is in fact a viral video for new UK horror film Lord of Tears, directed by Lawrie Brewster. Below is a brief intro into this Gothic looking world taken:

Lord of Tears tells the story of James Findlay, a school teacher tortured by childhood memories of a strange and unsettling entity – a figure dressed like a Victorian gentleman but with the head of an Owl, and elongated limbs with sharp claws.

It took the boy years to recover from his vision, years of forgetting before he could resume a normal life into adulthood. He might never have remembered had it not been for the death of his mother… the nightmares… the return of that familiar, watching presence.

As James faces a descent into madness, his only hope to fight his tormentor, to banish the evil that haunts him, is to return to his childhood home. He travels to the lonely mansion in the Scottish Highlands, a place notorious for its tragic and disturbing history. There, he must uncover, once and for all, the chilling truth behind the immortal stalker.

This kind of technique has been employed to promote a movie. In fact, in 2010 The Last Exorcism used a very similar approach. Warning, this may freak you out a bit if you are of a nervous disposition:

With The Last Exorcism you can tell that some CGI trickery has been employed. With Lord of Tears, the viral video has a chilling element as those dead eyes look in through the darkness straight at you. Owlman seems to have some similarities with characters like the Slender Man, with that strange human yet not human appearance and the lack of any facial features you can recognize all help to unnerve you. It reminded me also of an Italian Giallo (slasher) movie from 1987 called Stage Fright (or Aquarius) which had an owl headed killer murdering his way through the cast of a play.

lord of tears viral video stage fright Lord of Tears: Owlman Viral Campaign Terrifies ChatRoulette Users

Here is the official trailer for Lord of Tears:

Director Lawrie certainly wants to create this sense of unnerving and dread, which he explains further:

As a director, I’m passionate about telling uncanny tales that bring new nightmares to audiences. I want to create alternate realities filled with mystery, terror and suspense – fusing the ancient and modern, preying on our most instinctual fears with threats and twists we cannot foresee.

Set against the bleak backdrop of a Scottish winter, Lord of Tears is a classic gothic-style ghost story with an insidious Pagan twist. Our film is inspired by classic horror movies like The Shining, The Wicker Man, and traditional horrors like The Haunting and The Innocents including the sinister influences of the J-Horror sub-genre.

This looks like it could be the creepy gothic style chiller we need to help break the never ending circle of shaky cam haunting and demonic possession movies which seem to be cluttering up cinemas as of late. You can find information on the movie, and if you like what you see you can purchase the beautifully put together DVD set through the films web page.

Sometimes it’s good to be afraid.

Images: Hex Media, DMV Distribuzione Filmirage

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