Lost Copy of Neil Gaiman’s Next Doctor Who Script Returned to the BBC

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Pop quiz hotshot: You’ve just hailed a cab in the United Kingdom. Once inside, you find an un-produced Doctor Who script. Not just ANY Doctor Who script; it’s “The Last Cyberman,” an episode written by author Neil Gaiman to be aired in 2013. What do you do? WHAT do you do?

A good portion of the general public would likely consider giving it a read and/or creating an anonymous eBay account to unload it. Thankfully, university student Hannah Durham is a little abnormal in that respect. On October 31, as reported this weekend by Metro.co.uk, she found a copy of the script in a Cardiff, UK area cab; rather than taking advantage of the situation, she returned it The BBC.

Durham didn’t even read the script while it was in her possession. She admits to “liking Doctor Who,” but that she hadn’t “seen it in a while.” Hopefully after the positivity sent her way by die-hard fans of the show influences her to begin watching the show.

Via Twitter, Gaiman offered to send her a sign copy of one of his works. She simply requested a copy of the script after the episode has aired

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