M-Blocks: MIT Scientists Develop Modular Robots

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In November, MIT research scientist, John Romanishin, and postdoc student, Kyle Gilpin, will present a paper at the International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems in which they introduce what they are calling "M-Blocks."

These M-Blocks are rather small, independent, modular robots that have the ability to move on their own thanks to a flywheel inside the block, and can join forces thanks to the magnets located on the face of the block’s surface. While, at first glance these jumping blocks don’t seem too involved or impressive, if one were to imagine thousands of them, able to form any structure and theoretically able to perform almost any task, M-Blocks could be the next big thing in robotics technology.

Of course it is always best to hear these things from the scientists themselves, and to see the M-blocks in action, which is why you should most certainly the following video.

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