Maggie: First Look at Rural Schwarzenegger Zombie Flick

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The first pictures for the Arnold Schwarzenegger zombie drama Maggie are out, and it isn't the macho-action flick we're used to from the Austrian icon.

The 2014 Toronto International Film Festival added more than 100 features to its slate recently, with films starring Dustin Hoffman, Kristen Wiig, Benicio del Toro, Diane Keaton, John Travolta, Keira Knightley, Adam Sandler, Jennifer Connelly and, of course, the Arnold Schwarzenegger starer Maggie. Making this one of the few times an Arnold Schwarzenegger film has been shown during a film festival, let alone a Canadian one.

Maggie 2 Maggie: First Look at Rural Schwarzenegger Zombie Flick

This will certainly be a change of pace for the actor who is usually seen toting a small arsenal of weapons mowing down baddies far and wide. Can we expect to see a softer side of Arnold Schwarzenegger? One where he might try to showcase his acting chops over his masculine prowess; looking to trade in his rough-and-tough exterior for a more fatherly approach. We won’t have to wait long until word-of-mouth gets around when the film premieres during TIFF (September 4th to the 14th).

Maggie is a rural-zombie thriller about a “Midwestern farmer who stays by the side of his beloved teenage daughter even as she slowly turns into a cannibalistic zombie, in this daring, genre-maggie abigail breslin Maggie: First Look at Rural Schwarzenegger Zombie Flick bending debut feature from director Henry Hobson.”¬†Abigail Breslin portrays this ill-fated, zombie-turning daughter.

There are several zombie films, as well as many episodes of AMC’s¬†The Walking Dead that contain a scene in which a loved one turns into an ‘undead’ but Maggie might be one of the first to develop this terrifying premise into an entire feature-length movie. The screenplay is by John Scott 3 and was originally published on The Black List where it was swiftly purchased for development. In the version made available to readers on The Black List website, the zombie virus takes roughly six weeks to change an individual, making room for plenty of time for drama as Breslin’s character will gradually transform.

Maggie is the feature directorial debut of Henry Hobson, who has worked mainly on titles and end credits, and now gets to work with Arnold Schwarzenegger! No word yet on when it will hit theaters in the U.S. but it’s very likely a possible distribution deal will occur during the Toronto Film Festival.

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