Marbel Crowdfunds Electric Skateboard

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With everything from cars to bicycles going electric, Marbel hopes its new electric skateboard catches on.

Typically requiring large batteries and heavy motors, electric vehicle design doesn’t seem like a natural fit for the skateboard. But, surprisingly, Marbel has made it work for their newest skateboard.

Weighing in at only 9.9 pounds, their new electric skateboard is lighter than any of the competitors currently on the market. That said, to attain this light weight, the skateboard begins to slow down after 10 miles of city travel, which is half the range of its competitors.

marbel throttle 600x409 Marbel Crowdfunds Electric Skateboard

[via Kickstarter]

However, the board itself is capable of exceeding 20 mph, which can be pre-programmed via a companion phone app. Controlling the board itself is done utilizing a handheld remote, which allows the user to toggle the board to move forward via a slider. If the slider isn’t pushed forward, you can use the skateboard like any other, and are free to coast along.

While the the device can certainly get you to and from school or work fairly quickly, it also boasts the ability to go up hills (up to a 15% incline) at the aforementioned 20 mph. The companion app also boasts a mapping feature which will tell you which destinations are within range of the skateboard given current battery level, and will even notify you when the battery gets low.

marbel ap 600x400 Marbel Crowdfunds Electric Skateboard

[via Kickstarter]

Marbel’s Kickstarter campaign ends in 23 days, but they’ve already managed to raise a surprising $131,000, which is quite a bit more than the original $90,000 they asked for. That said, I’m not exactly sure of the merits of such a device. While the ability to climb hills is nice, I don’t really know who the device appeals to. Personally, the whole concept seems to take the skateboarding out of skateboarding. Would you be interested in an electric skateboard?

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