Marty McFly’s Nike MAGs Re-Emerging in 2015 with Power Laces

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Way back in 2011, we, the movie paraphernalia-loving public, got our first look at Nike's latest shoe project--sneakers inspired by the Nike MAGs, those futuristic shoes Marty McFly gets in Back to the Future Part II. 

The sneakers were sold in limited release - only 1,500 pairs – on eBay for thousands of dollars, with the proceeds going towards the Michael J. Fox Foundation. If you missed out on the shoes during the first round, start saving now, because the second round of MAGs will be out in less than a year.

The last time the MAGs were sold, they didn’t have the power laces that were a big selling point of the originals in Back to the Future Part II. But we’re getting closer and closer to the age when everything sci-fi will come to pass. We’ve already got the Star Trek PADDs (i.e. iPads), rudimentary androids and plenty of other mind-blowing things. Now, that technology includes the coveted power laces.

2015, said Nike through shoe website Sole Collector, will be the year you’ll have to mark your calendars to get the new-and-improved MAGs, complete with power laces. The designer of the shoes, Tinker Hatfield, confirmed the appearance of the power laces when asking whether or not the new MAGs would have the now-legendary technology.

“Are we going to see power laces in 2015? To that, I say YES!” he said.

There’s also importance to 2015; if you’re up on your Back to the Future lore, you’ll know that 2015 is the year Marty traveled to when he was trying to save his future children. See? The circle is now complete.

As to whether the MAGs will be in the same limited number or if it’ll be sold to the mass public remains to be seen. Either way, get prepared to pay; there’s no way these specialty shoes will be sold for a standard shoe store price.

What do you think about the new versions of the MAGs? Will it complete your Back to the Future collection? The better question – will you actually wear the shoes, if only to try out the laces? Let us know in the comments section below or on Facebook!

Image: Nike

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