Marvel Universe Live: A Geek Review

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The entertainment engine known as Marvel comics created a live action show of the Earth's Mightiest Heroes in an all out super hero stunt show, and Geek got a first hand look.

When Marvel Universe Live was announced, there was a mixed reaction from fanboys. Bringing the characters of the X-Men, Spider-Man and the Avengers in a live show is pretty damn appealing, and let’s face it, this may be the only chance we’ll get to ever see them fight together in a non-animated capacity. That said, what exactly is a live show? We asked the same thing. Think Ringling Brothers scaled theatricality with the awe factor of superheroes. It’s the perfect family outing if you’ve already dragged the gang to see Guardians of the Galaxy twice this summer.

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The lineup for the show includes: Captain Marvel, Captain America, Falcon, Thor, Black Widow, Storm, Cyclops, Wolverine, Bruce Banner/The Incredible Hulk, Nick Fury, Maria Hill, Spider-Man and Hawkeye, so some of the best of the best of the Marvel gang.  The plot is simple; Loki is up to his usual tricks (world domination and staff twirling to be precise) and it’s up to you and the Avengers to take him down. Marvel definitely brings their A-game, as the characters you see in action are stunt and martial art masters, some even hailing from the Marvel movies themselves. Take that and add it with the impressive state of the art 3D projection mapping system – the same projection used in the Sochi Winter Olympics – that transports viewers from Asgard to Avengers Tower, and you’ve got a show that packs a heck of a heroic punch!

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Though it should be noted that the show has its cheesy moments. One of my favorites being Thor’s “Let’s kick some As-gard!” This may not be the ideal show that you and your adult fanboys attend, but if you’ve got a mini-fanboy or girl of your own, this might be perfect. There’s some cool things for adults too, like the impressive fire suit used in one of the high-octane fight sequences.

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What’s so impressive about a fire suit you might ask? It’s the first of its kind that can be used repeatedly and allows the performer to move freely around the stage. The tech included in it will change fire suit technology for the stunt industry moving forward, and was created by the world’s preeminent fire suit designer. Clearly Disney/Marvel spared no expense.

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 Our verdict? Try something new and see the live show. It may be cheesy and full of child-appropriate quips, but there’s no denying the fanboy in you won’t get excited by the sight of Thor battling the Sinister Six, or Storm and Cyclops teaming up for a two on one Loki attack.

What do you think about Marvel’s latest endeavor? Are live superheroes and stunts appealing to you? Sound off on the Geek Facebook page and let us know!

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